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Hello classic car enthusiast. This is just a short insight into who we are and what we do. We are a group of vehicle enthusiasts numbering around 130 at the last count, and growing all the time. We have around 180 cars registered, as many of our members own several, whether on or off the road.

We are drawn together by one common love, i.e classic cars. Some of us buy them just to drive them, some of us buy them so we have an excuse to go out and tinker in the garage, then there are the others, who are very technically minded and enjoy helping other members to keep their cars on the road, but we all have some kind of madness, whether it is only with a duster, which keeps our pride and joy looking good and on the road, or whether it is trying to put them back on the road after years in the doldrums.

After almost two years of cancelled meeting due to Covid they have now restarted at a new location Birkhill Hall DD2 5QE on the first Thursday of each month at 8.00 pm, where we like to have a relaxing informal meeting about forthcoming events, and discuss past events, their successes or failures as well as chatting with others about what is happening. Complete the enclosed New Member Application Form, and the car/ member profile, and return it to the Treasurer/Secretary.

Hopefully we will see you soon.

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