Anthony Allen’s 1971 Range Rover Classic LHD

This is my 1971 Range Rover Classic LHD -it is made of about five different cars, none of which were very good…..
I bought it at xmas and started work after the mince pies had worn off.It had a very bad paintjob-mid blue with metalflake thrown in, having been burned off by the spanish sun for ten years-it will change!
Once I had it on the ramp I could assess the culmination of many years bodging. I bought a new mig welder, some sill and wheelarch repair panels, grinding discs and some tea bags. must remember to get a kettle…….
After two days stripping off the drug dealer bodykit and removing the interior, wings,tailgates, tailgate frames and rear glass I had half a range rover with a lot of holes.
I have just bought another range rover for spares and have just finished the welding-hoping to steam clean the whole thing underneath this week so that I can paint chassis and repair the leaking axles.
I hope to have it screwed back together for the end of February, but not in time for next Morris Leslie sale.
Tony has a few more cars
Range Rover Classic (neverfinch)  71
Strangerover (Mad Max meets Fife)  71
Morris Minor 1000 1960
Saab 95 estate 71
Mk1 Transit Feuer Wagen 74
Mk2 Transit LWB 85
Mk2 jag 240 68
Mk2 Cortina 1600e 70
Land rover 109 75
land rover safari 76
Mk3 transit ambulance  91
Mk1 capri 1600 gt facelift 74
Audi S2 96
last but not least-Mr Blobbys Crinkley Bottom General Store van
and a lot of unfinished projects……………….
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